• What's the Difference Between a "TRIAL ACCOUNT" and a "DEMO ACOUNT"

    Trial Account

    • A "TRIAL" account does NOT have pre-loaded Demo data installed in it. A Trial account is set up so you can load your business specific information, and use as a "pre-live" system.
    • A "TRIAL" account allows you to upload your inventory, turn on Vendor Catalogs of your choice that will then auto-populate your inventory of available products, and upload existing customer data. You will also configure your settings, add your Business information, and add Employees.

    Demo Account

    • A "DEMO" account DOES have preloaded Demo data. It comes loaded with 100% demo data, including inventory, clasess, demo customers, employees and settings.
    • A "DEMO" account is allows you to have access to a fully functional account giving you immediate access to start to test driving the system, without the need to load the system with any of your business data.

  • Can I get Both a Trial Account AND a Demo Account?
    • Yes. This is the default set-up process.
    • When you sign up for a "Trial Account", a "Demo" account is provideded automatically.
    • This allows you to learn with the Demo account while you are setting up the Trial account.
  • How do I Request a Free Trial Account, and a Free Demo Account?
    • By completing and submitting the Trial Account Request Form.
  • How Do I Access my Trial Account?
    • After Request has been submitted, within 24 hours your Trial/Demo Accounts will be created.
    • After your accounts have been created, you will receive an email containing your instructions on logging in to your Trial/Demo Account.
  • How Long does my Trial/Demo Account Last?
    • All Trial/Demo accounts are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise specified,
    • At the expiration of your trial period, by adding a paid plan to your account your "Trial" account will be converted to a "Live" account; if you don't add a paid plan it will be cancelled at the end of the trial period.

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