• How Are You Better Than Other Pet Shop POS Systems?
    There is more to running a pet store than typical retail point of sale systems are capable of providing. Our POS payment software was crafted specifically for the needs of the pet shop. It has inventory management features, the ability to pre-load vendor catalogs, eCommerce features, grooming features, gift card features and more – all of which have been crafted to meet the needs of the modern pet store.
  • Why Consider a Pet Shop POS System That is Web Based?
    There are many advantages to using a web based POS system. First, you can instantly access the features anywhere with WiFi or a web connection, which means that you do not need to install software on multiple computers or manage any type of networking system. Updates are instant and automatic, and every detail is stored in “the cloud” so that it cannot be lost if something happens to a computer. These systems are known as “ePOS” for “Electronic Point of Sale” are less likely to crash or have bugs as well, and can be accessed while at home or traveling for those that need to check in on their store.
  • I Have More Than One Location – Does Your POS Work For Me?
    Absolutely. Managing multiple locations/pet shops is easy with PetShop360. Our software is even capable of traveling with you provided you have access to the web, so no matter where you are working, PetShop360 is ready to assist you.
  • Do You Offer Any Support?
    We have a world class support team available with your subscription, with ongoing free technical support any time you need it and the ability to request features for future releases.
  • Do You Offer a Free Trial?
    Absolutely. If you would like to try PetShop360 for a month to see if it will meet all of your needs, we offer a free 30 day trial with no obligation. Test us out by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Is PetShop360 Mobile Friendly?
    PetShop360 is currently able to be operated on any mobile device with internet access, which means you’re never without access. We’re working on adding a specific mobile-ready platform as well in the near future, so that you can operate your entire business from your phone or tablet. When the release is ready, you will not need to do anything and it will automatically update for you.
  • Are There Any Software/Computer Requirements to Use PetShop360?
    As far as operating the software, there are zero requirements other than access to the web. You can use PetShop360 on Mac, PC, Tablet, Phone, and any device that has a browser. The only issue to note is that the POS hardware that works best with PetShop360 are available on Windows compatible PCs, but there are Apple/Mac POS systems that work well with PetShop360, too. Let us know if you want to use a Mac and we’ll talk about recommendations.
  • Do You Take Feature Requests?
    Yes. In fact, they help us make our cash register software better and give us an opportunity to better serve the needs of pet stores and pet shops around the country. While we can’t guarantee immediate implementation, we will consider any feature request you need.
  • Do You Require a Contract After the Trial Period?
    There are NO contracts with PetShop360. We believe that we have created one of the best retail POS systems for pet stores available, and we are confident that you will be with us in the long term. We will never lock you into a contract and will not surprise you with any expensive hidden fees.