Plan & Pricing

  • Basics

    200 emails per hour

  • Bronze

    400 emails per hour

  • Silver

    600 emails per hour

  • Gold

    800 emails per hour

  • Platinum

    1000 email per hour


Email List

Our Email List are all priced on a "per record" basis. Automatic volume discounts are built into our system. The more you buy, the more you save.Prices will be displayed as you build your custom list based upon your selections. Our email software is the the online system that you will have access to for creating and sending your email blasts. Our pricing is based on how many emails that you want to send out on an hourly basis. You can tailor the system to your needs. All plans are month-to-month. You can upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel at anytime.

Landing page

This is where you want to drive traffic! This is a mini-website to outline your offer. We provide an easy-to-use system to build and manage your content! Create a call to action! A Landing Page is included for Free with any paid Email Platform plan.

If you later decide to cancel your Email Plan, you will still have the option of retaining your Landing Page for a monthly hosting and support fee of $29.00/mo.